Padre José

The Rev. Dr. José Rodríguez is the Rector and Vicar of the Episcopal Churches of Christ the King and Jesús de Nazaret, co-located in Orlando, Florida. Born in Puerto Rico, his own migration experience became his doctoral dissertation focused on the pastoral care of migrants.

He served as a university chaplain for a decade. In 2017 he was assigned to Jesús de Nazaret months before Hurricane María and oversaw a major disaster response. During the pandemic, he partnered with a Coalition of 100 Black Women, the Central Florida Black Nurses Association, and others to launch major community health initiatives. In 2022 he was called to serve as co-Rector and then Rector of Christ the King.

He is passionate about promoting the Gospel in Kingdom work that isn’t performative but upholds human dignity in tangible ways. He believes religious communities have a unique role in developing Christ-like communities that are just, healthy, and have a shared duty of care to others.

He was the 2019 Heart of Florida Changemaker of the Year for Advocacy and a 2020 Orlando Sentinel’s Central Floridian of the Year Finalist. He was recognized as a 2020 Distinguished Leader in Florida by the U.S. House of Representatives.