Almost six months since Hurricane Maria made landfall in Puerto Rico, families are still coming from the island to call Central Florida home—but things have not been easy.

  • Church helping families displaced by Hurricane Maria
  • Provide resources for families who have lost so much
  • Many families have left Puerto Rico and now call Central Florida home

“I got some damage in my house,” said Richard Gonzalez, who was displaced by Maria. “I lost my job in Puerto Rico because of Hurricane Maria.

One local church has gone above and beyond to help those families.

“They’ve helped us with a lot of things,” Gonzalez said.

Since day one, Father Jose Rodriguez at Iglesia Episcopal Jesus de Nazaret has welcomed families with open arms.

“Everyone that’s reaching out to me is either for a place to stay, some food to supplement the food stamps they may or may not be getting…also a leg up on life, they just want to work,” he said.

His church’s work hasn’t gone unnoticed. Congresswoman Stephanie Murphy paid a visit during Sunday’s Spanish service to speak to these families.

“We’re working on both ensuring that the island gets the resources it needs to get back on its feet as well as to help Puerto Ricans who are moving to Central Florida,” Murphy said.

Gonzalez is working toward finding a new home so he can finally bring his wife from the island.

“I like the city, the community, the church, I want to stay here,” he said.

By Gabe