KISSIMMEE, Fla. (WOFL FOX 35) – Puerto Rican Hurricane Maria evacuees on Thursday rallied  in front of the Federal Emergency Management Agency building in Orlando, hoping to extend their housing deadline. They thought they had till May 14 to stay in Central Florida hotels; however, they recently learned they could be out of a place to stay on Saturday.

Organizers say some of the families have been in hotels for months, but were told that would end due to new stricter eligibility requirements requested by the Governor of Puerto Rico. Evacuees here in Central Florida aren’t sure where they”ll go.

Noemi Gonzalez says, “It’s been really hard, we’ve knocked on many doors and everyone says no and then everyone wants money. We don’t have no money to spend so it’s been really rough to get some place.”

Jose Rodriguez, a priest with the Episcopal Church says, “It’s a very difficult time for us, we have so many people we want to help, but there are no resources to help them.  All the resources are limited. The suffering and panic are increasing.”

Organizers say this could affect 600 families in the area. They plan to hold more rallies like this one until FEMA changes the requirements.