By: Katie Streit, Spectrum News 13

Five years after the anniversary of Hurricane Maria, Puerto Rico is facing catastrophic flooding from yet another hurricane.

Hurricane Fiona is the first hurricane to make landfall this season, bringing in strong winds and torrential rain. Once the news hit the Orlando community, people were already preparing to help those on the island.

Father Jose Rodriguez from the Iglesia Episcopal Jesus de Nazaret in Orlando has already been putting together an “Orlando Response Team.”

Many people who are part of his congregation are from Puerto Rico or have family on the island. They are teaming up with organizations and churches in Puerto Rico.

Rodriguez says no matter how big or small the weather is, much of the island doesn’t have the infrastructure in place to combat these events.

“What we’ve been hearing is that the island is just not ready for another storm. It isn’t ready for more water. It isn’t ready for disaster in the way it should be because the rebuilding is still occurring 5 years after Hurricane Maria,” said Rodriguez.

Rodriguez added that now is not the time to rush into buying things. Instead, wait to see what people actually need after the storm. He said if the community wants to help, be aware of what’s going on in Puerto Rico.

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